6 Animal Print Wallpaper Trends You’ll Go Wild For in 2024

Cows are outshining leopards, cheetahs and the rest as the most popular type of animal print – it’s true! We’ve analysed the data from Pinterest Trends and Google Trends, and below we break down all the stats on this year’s top trending animal patterns. Plus, tips from our Hovia interior experts on styling each of them at home, featuring our favourite animal print wallpaper designs. Specifically, we’ll show you how to bring contemporary prints like cow, zebra, tiger and more into the spaces where people most like to place them: Bedrooms, nurseries and kids’ rooms.

Pink Tiger Print Wallpaper Mural

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Black and White Watercolor Leopard Print Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

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The best animal print wallpaper for bedrooms

Leopard print wallpaper

The timeless trend Leopard print is practically its own aesthetic. Lots of people love the luxe, daring look of classic leopard spots. In fact, it’s been a particularly prominent pattern in fashion for a long time – usually being a statement symbol of confidence. Leopard print made a huge comeback as a cool clothing and decor trend in 2018, and has been maintaining its popularity ever since. It’s a long-lasting stylish staple, especially in maximalist interiors and fashion bloggers’ wardrobes.

Teal Maximalist Leopard Spots Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

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But should leopard print go in a bedroom? We choose to approach leopard print a bit differently with our wallpaper designs. The black, brown and beige spots that come to mind when you think of leopard print don’t usually translate well as wallpaper because of their bold and busy nature. This is particularly true when it comes to bedrooms, which should ideally feature clean and calming decor to relax the mind. So, we created a range of leopard print murals and patterns in curated colour palettes that feel very fresh, subtle, or unexpectedly modern. Here are the top styles and shades that our customers love, and how to style them in a bedroom:

Pink prints: Cheetahs and leopards

A pink leopard print wallpaper is our favourite way to wrap up bedroom walls in a sense of warmth and keep the colours feeling neutral and subtle. Our Hunter design here is a leopard pattern, but the Turu design is a cheetah print wallpaper. Can you tell which one is which based on the spots?

Fun fact: Did you know that it’s common to confuse leopard print for cheetah print? Do a quick Google search for cheetah print wallpaper, and you’ll see that most of the images that appear are actually leopard patterns! So at this point, the terms ‘cheetah print’ and ‘leopard print’ have practically become interchangeable. Here’s how to tell the difference between cheetah and leopard print: Leopards have dark splotches that surround a lighter colour in the middle (this is called a rosette). But cheetahs have small flecks that look like little ovals.

Pink and Neutral Watercolor Leopard Print Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

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Neutral Modern Cheetah Spots Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

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Spotlight trend: Cow print wallpaper

We mentioned in our statistics at the beginning that cow print has had a huge rise in Google searches in recent years. It’s a popular aesthetic on Pinterest, too – especially with teens and young adults. There are a few reasons why this could be: Such as country music and cowboy-inspired fashion coming into the modern mainstream, plus Gen Z using black and white cow spots as playful alternative pattern choice to decorate their bedrooms. Basically, cow print is the new black.

Painted Black and White Cow Print Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

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We couldn’t decide between the classic monochrome cow print and brown cow print wallpaper so, naturally, we created both. This is our Moo design above, and it’s hand-painted using watercolours. The washy watercolour style brings something new to the trend, and also gives it a stylish ‘grown-up’ feel that’ll work in anyone’s bedroom. Use it to style a Western theme or farm theme in a kids bedroom. You don’t have to be into cowboy hats and ranch life to appreciate a cow print wallpaper in your own bedroom, though – simply pair these prints with your favourite trending decor, and it’ll be an instant chic hit.

Painted Brown Cow Print Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

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Dalmatian print wallpaper: Dotty details

We’re big fans of Dalmatian print, and our Perdita, Speckle and Flecks wallpapers are three different ways to do spotted design.

Black & White Dalmatian Print Wallpaper Mural

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Black & White Spotty Speckle Wallpaper Mural

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There are only a few subtle differences between each design, but we bet you’ve already picked a favourite. Whether it’s the shapes of the spots or the slightly different shades of white, the dotty details matter!

Zebra print wallpaper: Softer stripes

Black and white zebra stripes are a classic animal print, but this striking style doesn’t make a suitable wallpaper for most homes. That’s why we’ve designed our zebra print wallpaper mural Untamed in these soft pink, grey, and off-white colour palettes.

Off White Zebra Print Wallpaper Mural

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Grey Zebra Print Wallpaper Mural

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