Sync Your Decor With Your Personality: Wallpaper For Every Zodiac Sign

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and it should be somewhere that you can express your personality. Whether you’re a creative Gemini or a serious Taurus, there’s a style for you. Hovia’s design experts have picked out 12 wallpaper styles, aligned with each star sign’s spirit to help you thrive. 

1. Aries – Majestic Chic

Aries is known as the Queen sign as it appears first in the Zodiac. Reflect your royal nature by going for opulent decor – think bold primary colors with maximalist accessories. Our stylists have paired our Torano marble wallpaper with velvet textures and metallic accents for a truly luxe finish. Red is this sign’s lucky color, so incorporate that somewhere too.

2. Taurus – Soft Nature

As an Earth sign, it’s no surprise that Taurus is inspired by nature. You’ll feel at home surrounded by softer, earthy tones such as green and brown. Add a pop of color with other pastels such as yellow or pink. Heartwood is a peach and green ombre mural that perfectly captures this look with a soothing forest effect. Taurus signs also love the comfort and spending time at home, so keep the bedroom cozy with lots of cushions and throws. Pink and white are the lucky color for this sign – our stylists recommend incorporating Scandi white furniture.

3. Gemini – Quirky Cool

Eclectic is the name of the game for the busy mind of a Gemini. This sign is different and bold when it comes to decor – mix orange, pinks, and yellows with white. Use kitschy eye-catching accessories to showcase your personality, such as vintage trinkets and fun prints. Our Peaches abstract watercolor mural is ideal for the creative Gemini who wants to have fun with decorating. Plus, it incorporates yellow, which just so happens to be this sign’s lucky color.

4. Cancer – Tranquil Calm

Emotional Cancer signs benefit from a bedroom that evokes feelings of calm and tranquility. Sea colors and neutrals are ideal for this. Cancers also love comfort and are quite sentimental, so accessorize your room with plenty of soft textures, memories and souvenirs. Our stylists have chosen Chill as the perfect zodiac wallpaper for this sign – a balanced mix of those sea colors in a geo prism design. White is the lucky color for a Cancer, so choose plain furniture and let the wallpaper be the statement.

5. Leo – Dramatic Warmth

Leos are children of the sun, so are drawn to dramatic warm colors such as orange and rust. Gold also speaks to the Leo’s spirit, so a luxe bold bedroom space will make this sign the happiest. We’ve teamed our watercolor Cevenne Orange design with dark bedding and greenery for a powerful look. Leo is also fierce and bold, so accessorize with some animal print if you dare! It’s no surprise that the lucky color for this sign is orange, so keep plenty of orange tones in the room to feel your best.

6. Virgo – Earthy Clean

Virgos are known to be perfectionists, so their bedroom should always be clean and soft to match their efficiency. That’s why our team of stylists has chosen the satisfying Circuit Nude as the zodiac wallpaper for this sign – a geometric repeat pattern in a neutral tone that will bring balance to a Virgo’s day. In terms of a color palette, choose earthy colors like brown and green, alongside white with subtle pops of colors. Virgo homes are usually clutter-free, so consider accessorizing with pieces that serve a purpose such as lamps and mirrors, to keep the perfectionist mind at peace. As an Earth sign, it’s no surprise that green is the lucky color for Virgo.

7. Libra – Refined Sophistication

Libras are sophisticated and artsy, and also love balance – as demonstrated by the scales that represent the sign. For that reason, symmetry works really well in a Libra bedroom. As a color palette, pinks, blues, greys, and pastels are perfect. Bedrooms are also the ideal place to display the Libra’s taste in art. We have chosen our Chrysler Pink design for this sign as it captures their sophisticated, balanced spirit. The wallpaper is based on the architecture of the Chrysler building in New York. A Libra’s lucky colors are white and blue, so be sure to incorporate textures in these colors.

8. Scorpio – Intensely Powerful

Scorpios can be intense and passionate, so the sign easily identifies with power colors like red and black. Rich tones such as maroon, dark pink, and indigo also appeal to the mysterious nature of a Scorpio. Depth and shadows are also an ideal element to add to the bedroom. For this sign, our stylists have picked Suzhou Red – an intricate mural inspired by Chinese window patterns. Accessorise with metallics and deep tones. The lucky color for Scorpios is unsurprisingly red – so don’t shy away from it!

9. Sagittarius – Eclectically Bright

Cheerful Sagittarius’s love to fill their home with happiness. Red, blue, orange, purple, yellow, and green all work for this adventurous sign. Cheer, a bold multicolor rainbow design inspired by the 70s, is perfect for Sagittarius signs. This statement mural really appeals to their eclectic and warm personality. Avoid sensory overload by keeping the rest of the room muted, with wooden furniture. Blue is this sign’s lucky color, so match the blue tones of the rainbow to your soft furnishings.

10. Capricorn – Conservative Minimalist

Capricorns can be conservative and traditional, so grey, navy, and brown are the most appealing colors for decor. However, it’s important to avoid making the space too dark by adding in neutrals. Minimalistic style works for the Capricorn, with a blend of contemporary and traditional pieces. That’s why our stylists chose Shuji Soft for this sign’s zodiac wallpaper. Shuji Soft is a statement mural inspired by Japanese calligraphy, using grey brush strokes on a neutral background. The lighter background keeps it from being too dark, whilst the print is conservative, yet bold enough to be impactful. Team the mural with warm tones and wooden furniture. White, red, and blue are said to be this sign’s lucky color.

11. Aquarius – Rebelliously Unique

As a rebellious sign, the home of the Aquarius will always be ahead of the trends. They can be artsy, so love to show off their originality in the home. Features Vallarta Blue is the ideal wallpaper for this star sign – with abstract faces, a current trend, and a white/blue color palette – two shades that really appeal to Aquarius’s. Graphic prints are perfect to go with this, such as unique sketches or fun prints. Electric blue and aquamarine are this sign’s lucky colors.

12. Pisces – Ocean Peace

Wise Pisces signs will crave inner peace in their home, with rooms flowing like water. Colors of the ocean are the go-to for this sign, alongside other calming colors like soft pink and lilac. Our stylists have chosen Rush as the Pisces zodiac wallpaper, as the splash of teal looks just like the ocean, and the overall effect is soothing. Accessorise with objects that shine or bring light to the space, to make the bedroom a sanctuary. Aqua and sea green are lucky colors for this sign, so stick to a water-based color palette.

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