7 Witchy Wallpapers For A Mystical Room

Styling your space with new spiritual decor and magical accessories? This collection of witchy wallpapers with tips and ideas for a chilled-out aesthetic will provide some bewitching inspiration for your own mystical room.

1. Tarot card wallpaper

If tarot is your thing, this wallpaper pattern will make your interior design feel more personal and tailor-made to you. Each of the 24 tarot card symbols has been illustrated in lots of detail and features unique art of favourites like The Sun, The Lovers, Death, The Moon and Strength. Indie, vintage and Boho bedroom aesthetics pair perfectly with this design.

2. Palm reader wallpaper

Inspired by the practice of palm reading, this pattern is a mix of modern and ancient designs. The wallpaper is filled with symbols of lunar phases, eyes, arrows, snakes, suns, half-moons and more. A great decoration idea for a spiritual meditation corner or daybed space (and don’t forget the incense & salt lamps).

3. Black cat wallpaper

Add a spell of magic and charm to your bedroom or reading corner with this ‘Salem’ wallpaper pattern – named after Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s sassy talking cat. It’s available in white or pastel purple and is perfect for conjuring up a magical aesthetic. Makes a cute home decoration idea for Halloween, too!

4. Crystal wallpaper

If you’re looking for new crystal decor ideas, this wallpaper has an illustrated quartz pattern to give you a different way to decorate with crystals. The ‘Reiki’ pattern looks straight out of an old Wiccan or botanical book – it’s perfect for a Dark Academia-inspired bedroom or natural Boho living room.

5. Moon wallpaper

This cosmic wallpaper will fill your room with a beautiful night sky full of moons and stars but keep the space looking clean, minimal and stylish. The ‘Mystic’ mural comes in white or pink, and it’s an enchanting wall design for anyone who prefers a pastel witchy look over a dark and moody aesthetic.

6. Constellation wallpaper

Make astrology a part of your home decor, too. This starry wallpaper is inspired by horoscope constellations, and since soft lilac is a super on-trend colour, you know your space will be stylish. The delicate mystical design is a mesmerising idea for a reading and relaxation nook. Candles and comfy throws are a must.

7. Crystal wallpaper (again!)

If you can’t get enough of rose quartz and agate crystal decor, create a crystal cave for yourself to relax in. This small, relaxed yoga and meditation space has been decorated with a pink crystal photographic mural to make the room really immersive. What could be more mystical?

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