Our 6 steps to sustainability

The beauty of being a wallpaper design brand is that we have a simple and traceable supply chain from wood to wall. We are passionate and committed to being a brand that walks the walk when it comes to being sustainable, so here’s how we keep our planet and people front of mind at each step of the journey.

Step 1) Rooted in sustainability

The paper we use is FSC-certified, which means it is sourced from a forest that is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers. FSC-certified forests are managed to strict environmental, social, and economic standards. To learn more about FSC certification, click here.

Step 2) Transportation and storage

We source our paper from suppliers in Europe and the UK, and we’re very efficient with purchasing: we only order what we need, which helps reduce the weight and number of deliveries. We don't need to store stock since we print our wallpaper and murals to order, so we waste very little paper and don’t use excess energy on storage facilities.

Step 3) Hovia HQ, where the magic happens

The Hovia team are lucky to work from a beautiful industrial building that has been completely renovated to be energy-efficient and environmentally sound. We use 100% renewable energy throughout the building, even to power our website servers, and our factory space has been specially arranged to allow our production team to work safely, smartly, and efficiently. Our B Corp certification means we deliver the best working culture and conditions for the people at Hovia. Happy Hovians, happy customers.

Step 4) Bringing design and paper together

Our designs come to life when they’re printed, so we take great care when selecting our materials to ensure we’re creating beautiful wallpaper in a conscious way. Our three paper types conform to high standards of quality, safety, and sustainability criteria, so are only ever from good stock. Our inks and toners are non-toxic, odourless, and non-flammable, which means they’re super safe for use in your home. Our quality team meticulously inspects each wallpaper, so you can rest easy knowing your decorating vision is in good hands. Learn more about our Paper Types.

Step 5) Conscious couriers

We’re aware that the distribution of our products is our largest carbon contributor, so we’re working with climate-conscious couriers to  offset our emissions in a responsible way. We invest in recognised climate protection projects that address carbon emissions through avoidance worldwide. This means we can get your wallpaper to you quickly, securely, and sustainably.

Step 6) Home sweet home

Your wallpaper has arrived safe and sound! You’ll see from our installation guides that there is very little waste paper as it’s designed and printed to fit your wall and your wall only. So sit back and enjoy your masterpiece, knowing you’ve chosen a unique planet-friendly product created and delivered consciously.

Our initiatives


We are proud to announce that we have achieved our B Corp certification, marking our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. This certification reflects our commitment to making a positive impact on our employees, community and the environment. It also means ensuring we operate to the highest social and environmental standards. Learn more about what it means to be B Corp certified here

Carbon offsetting

We’ve been working hard to reduce our carbon emissions; since 2020, we’ve had carbon-neutral status. What does this mean? As part of our wallpaper production process, we emit a certain amount of carbon into the atmosphere. Carbon-neutral means we can remove the equivalent amount of carbon from the atmosphere by supporting carbon offsetting initiatives.

We’re working with climate solution experts 5D Net Zero to create a high-quality portfolio of carbon offsetting projects. Across Asia, we support initiatives in waste handling, wind and solar renewable energy generation, and hydropower projects.

But carbon-neutral isn’t enough. Our next target is climate-positive. Climate-positive is removing more carbon from the environment than we emit. We aim to get there by 2030, working with more fantastic sustainable projects worldwide.