Paper types

It’s safe to say we’re pretty proud of our paper. We work with leading suppliers to find the most innovative, high quality and planet-friendly paper types available. Each type is rigorously tested to ensure it meets our quality, safety, and sustainability criteria.

Let’s discover what each paper type can bring to your design vision.


Our Standard paper is what paper should feel like. Boasting a smooth texture, non-reflective matte finish, and sharp print definition, it’s our best-seller for a reason.

Why choose Standard?

  • It’s an all-round high performer that’s easy to install, tear-resistant, light resistant and has a water based top coat for extra washable durability.

  • The premium finish is soft and extremely versatile, adding depth and richness to any of our wall mural or wallpaper designs.

  • It features a special coating so that when the day comes (sob!), it’s easy to remove in one piece.

  • You’re interested in a repeat pattern wallpaper for your design project.

  • Breathable material, helps prevent moisture locking and the build up of damp in high humidity areas.

Works well for:

  • Creating wow-factor spaces throughout the home without costing the Earth. A harmony of durability and sustainability with FSC Certified paper and non-toxic toner.

  • Show-stopping low-traffic commercial spaces, owing to its high safety and fire ratings, water resistance and excellent colour vibrancy.

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Peel & Stick

Our Peel-and-stick paper combines efficiency with elegance and is a popular option when decorating a rented space. No paste needed with this paper type, just peel off the back of each panel and stick directly onto the wall.

Why choose Peel-and-stick?

  • It has a beautifully smooth non-reflective matte finish, sharp print definition and excellent colour vibrancy, perfect for murals.

  • It’s an all-round high performer that’s easy to install, tear-resistant, light resistant and has a water based top coat for extra washable durability.

  • It is highly practical - no paste or pasting table required, so less tools, space and time needed to install.

  • You’re looking to decorate a rented space and need to remove wallpaper without damaging the wall.

  • It has a special adhesive that means it’s repositionable for up to 15 minutes - so easy and stress-free to install.

Works well for:

  • Residential and rental spaces.

  • Rooms in need of a dose of refinement with sustainability in mind, featuring FSC Certified paper and non-toxic toner.

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Our Pro paper type takes any design project to the next level with a canvas-like texture, matte finish, and soft print definition. As practical as it is pretty, this classic paper type combines durability with a luxurious finish.

Why choose Pro?

  • Perfect for Trade and Commercial use.

  • Its fine texture produces dynamic imagery, and the rich tonal qualities add a sense of opulence to a space.

  • It’s extremely durable and can withstand the effects of high-use areas.

  • Its Vinyl top layer makes it extremely washable, strong against greasy spills and prevents stains. 

  • You want the best quality wall mural on the market.

  • Wide panels for quicker installation over larger spaces.

Note: only our wall murals are available on the Pro paper type.

Works well for:

  • Elevating commercial spaces with its tactile texture and mid colour vibrancy.

  • High traffic areas, either in the home or in commercial spaces due to its outstanding durability, water and stain resistant surface, and high performing fire certifications.

  • Large, public spaces.

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