Blue Wallpaper

Blue is the ultimate calming color. So it's no surprise that immersing a room in blue wallpaper can create the ultimate calming interior experience. That's why we've designed our blue pattern wallpapers with tranquil blue hues and soft shapes — to help you bring a sense of serenity to your space. Choosing a baby blue wallpaper as the primary color for your room will formulate the perfect social area for relaxation and interaction. A soft blue tone is also ideal for nursery walls, and can have great mood-boosting benefits in a room that doesn't get much natural light. In contrast, dark designs like purple wallpaper, green wallpaper or navy blue wallpaper work particularly well in bathrooms or bedrooms to set an intensely relaxing tone. Bask in the blueness of our blue wallpaper collection below, and we're sure you'll find a favorite.

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