6 Wallpaper Ideas To Create A ‘Hygge’ Inspired Interior

Day to day life is often noisy, rushed and full of technological distractions. The Danish art of ‘hygge ‘offers a way to put a stop to this and put emphasis back on the simple pleasures found within your environment. This article explores the best of hygge wallpaper and shows how effective installing a Danish style mural can be when looking to create a cozy, but modern space.

Green Watercolor Forest Tree Silhouette Wallpaper Mural

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Neutral Grey Scandi Geometric Wallpaper Mural

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Embracing Hygge with Wallpaper: Nature Meets Geometry

Transform your space into a Scandinavian sanctuary where simplicity meets coziness, with our featured wallpapers that evoke the hygge way of life.

Watercolour Landscapes

Create a serene retreat with our Tylöskog mural. This design captures the tranquil spirit of a mist-laden forest, with soft watercolor hues that evoke the peacefulness of nature. Ideal for those looking to bring the outdoors in, this wallpaper reflects the Scandinavian love for the natural world, fostering a calming backdrop to your everyday moments.

Styling for Tranquility

Furniture: Add to the natural beauty with furniture that showcases raw, organic materials. A solid oak bed frame or a minimalist bedside table complements the wallpaper’s forest theme.

Lighting: Layer in coziness with ambient lighting; opt for lamps that cast a gentle glow, mimicking the filtered sunlight through the forest canopy.

Accessories: Cultivate a refreshing space with greenery – think potted ferns or succulents. Add texture and comfort with a soft, chunky knit throw or a tactile jute rug, inviting you to linger and relax.

Scandi Geometric

For those who find solace in the sleek and structured, our Nystrom wallpaper is a testament to the timeless elegance of Scandinavian design. Its muted grey palette and clean geometric shapes offer a sophisticated yet understated aesthetic that can be easily adapted to any room.

Styling for Sophistication

Furniture: Complement the geometric motif with mid-century modern pieces that speak of simplicity and function, like a streamlined credenza or a classic Danish design chair.

Lighting: Make a subtle statement with lighting—geometric shapes or minimalist designs in lamps can echo the wallpaper’s pattern.

Accessories: Keep the decor sleek with a few carefully selected pieces. A brass vase or a marble statuette can add a touch of luxury without overwhelming the space. Soften the look with plush cushions in neutral tones, adding layers of comfort to the modern aesthetic.

In each design, we find a unique expression of hygge: a soothing forest landscape and a refined geometric harmony. Both wallpapers not only enhance the visual appeal of a room but also enrich the soul’s need for comfort and joy in the simplicity of home.

Amidst the Mist Wallpaper Mural

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Light Grey Scandinavian Wood Print Wallpaper Mural

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Infusing Hygge into Interiors: From Misty Forests to Wooden Textures

Misty Forests

Step into a realm where the hushed serenity of nature is captured within your walls with our Misty Forest Wallpaper Mural. It presents a breathtaking view of a forest shrouded in fog, with the soft silhouettes of trees providing a soothing, dreamlike atmosphere. This wallpaper mural is a tribute to the enchanting quietude of the woods at dawn, reflecting the hygge principle of finding beauty in the everyday.

Styling for Comfort

Furniture: Pair the mural with minimalist, low-profile furniture in light woods to maintain the open, airy feel of a forest clearing. A sleek bench or a daybed with clean lines allows the mural to take center stage.

Lighting: Complement this dreamy landscape with lighting that mimics the softness of morning light—a frosted glass pendant or dimmable wall sconces can create the perfect look.

Accessories: Keep decorations simple and organic. Vases in earthen tones or ceramics that evoke natural elements can enhance the mural’s woodland vibe. Soft textiles in neutral colors, like a cozy wool blanket or a fringed throw, invite relaxation and introspection.

Wood Textures

Our Light Grey Scandinavian Wood Print Wallpaper brings the timeless essence of Scandinavian forests into your home with its stylized wood grain design. This wallpaper is a homage to the Scandi love for wood finishes, adding texture and depth to a room without overwhelming it with color, perfect for a clean and peaceful living space.

Styling for Elegance

Furniture: Opt for furniture with a modern Scandinavian aesthetic—functional pieces with slender silhouettes and pale wood finishes that echo the wallpaper’s pattern

Lighting: A sculptural wooden floor lamp or sleek metallic fixtures with a brushed finish can provide a modern contrast to the wallpaper’s organic lines.

Accessories: Enhance the Scandinavian look with understated accessories—a minimalist clock, a simple plant pot with a green succulent, or a monochromatic piece of art. Add a touch of warmth with a handwoven rug or a couple of tactile cushions.

Each wallpaper embodies the heart of hygge living—creating a space that is not only visually beautiful but also a bastion of comfort and peace. Let these designs inspire a room that welcomes you with an embrace of calmness and the simple pleasures of home.

Black Ombre Wallpaper Mural

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Blue Watercolor Mountain Wall Mural

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Concluding Hygge: A Study in Contrasts and Calmness

Subtle gradients

Our Pitch mural is a masterclass in subtlety and sophistication. A gradient that fades from a deep, contemplative black to a soft, subtle grey, this ombre mural offers a dramatic backdrop that still aligns with the minimalist hygge lifestyle. It’s a bold choice that doesn’t overpower but instead adds depth and focus to any room.

Styling for Depth

Furniture: Let the drama of the ombre be your guide and select pieces that are as understated as they are elegant. A bed in warm, natural wood or a classic armchair upholstered in muted tones can balance the intensity of the wall.

Lighting: Choose lighting that is simple yet impactful. A sleek table lamp with a metallic finish or a sculptural floor lamp can provide a focal point without clutter.

Accessories: Soften the bold wall with plush textiles—think thick woolen throws and soft cotton cushions. Add a touch of the organic with simple, handmade ceramics that reflect the craft and care of hygge living.

Tranquil Watercolours

Embrace the tranquility of a mountain at dawn with our Blue Watercolor Mountain Mural. Evoking the serenity of majestic peaks under a soft sky, this watercolor mural is a breath of fresh air, ideal for creating a space where one can retreat and rejuvenate. The delicate watercolor shades of blue promote a sense of peace and spaciousness, essential for a hygge atmosphere.

Styling for Serenity

Furniture: Select pieces with a clean, modern aesthetic. A platform bed or a simple side table in pale Scandi woods can complement the mural without competing with it.

Lighting: Opt for lighting that can mimic the gentle illumination of a sunrise. Wall sconces with a warm glow or an elegant pendant light can enhance the mural’s calming effect.

Accessories: Add accessories that underscore the mural’s natural elegance. A minimalist clock, a small potted plant, or a vase with a single, sculptural branch can maintain the mural’s balance of simplicity and beauty. Soft textiles in various shades of blue can tie the room together.

As we wrap up our exploration of hygge-inspired design, these final two wallpaper murals offer a place of respite and contemplation. They serve as a reminder of the power of design to influence our sense of well-being, anchoring us in the present moment and inviting us to find joy in the simplicity and beauty of our surroundings.

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