Mid-Century Modern Wallpaper

Mid-century design takes the most celebrated parts of the 1930s to the 1970s and brings them up to date with contemporary influence. This means you can create a retro look and feel in any space while still keeping the finish feeling fresh and modern. Whether it’s clean, geometric patterns reminiscent of the swingin’ sixties, or vintage floral prints, our eclectic collection of mid-century wallpaper has got your favourite bygone era covered. Shape and symmetry are synonymous motifs of mid-century design—both of which feature heavily across our range of wall murals and wallpapers. Complement this with nostalgic furniture silhouettes, warm woods, mid-century fabrics, parquet flooring and antique-style hardware. Combine mid-century features with other trends for a unique aesthetic that promises to add elegant drama to any living space.

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