6 Art Deco Wallpapers To Create A Luxurious Interior

Featuring iconic shapes and trending tones, this opulent new collection of Art Deco designs are perfect for social spaces designed to entertain guests. Inspired by Art Deco architecture, this refined wallpaper collection explores recognisable arch shapes found on the well known Chrysler building, perfect for adding a sense of grandeur to your theme. The refreshing palette of dusty pinks, greens, deep blues and greys are wonderfully modern, adding a fresh touch to the classic style.

Pink Art Deco Chrysler Architectural Pattern Wallpaper Mural

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Blue Art Deco Chrysler Architectural Pattern Wallpaper Mural

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Modern art deco interiors are becoming a popular current trend, and this unique collection has been designed to celebrate the bespoke style with clean lines and architectural shapes. Each wallpaper has taken inspiration from the Chrysler building, designed by the architect William Van Alen and the impressive feel of the building is felt in this collection. The intricate detailing of the shapes pays homage to the unique building while keeping your interiors feeling sophisticated and opulent.

Blue Art Deco Chrysler Building Pattern Wallpaper Mural

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Blue & Pink Art Deco Print Arches Wallpaper Mural

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Designed in luxury, modern tones, this refreshing modern art deco collection pairs perfectly with luxe furnishings allowing you to create an impressive space, perfect for entertaining guests. Complimenting the designs with lavish textures and metal accents adds depth to your theme while emphasising the refined feel of the wallpaper. The designs here have been styled in sophisticated living room and dining room spaces, creating rooms that are great for welcoming family friends while showing off your high-end design style.

Pink Art Deco Print Arches Wallpaper Mural

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Black, White & Gold Art Deco Wallpaper Mural

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Celebrate the revolution of art deco interiors with this modern wallpaper collection with a wealth of history and culture behind it. Whether you’re looking to create a decadent living room theme or a lavish dining room space, these designs will make the perfect backdrop for socializing and enjoying the company of guests. With rich tones and interesting details, you can keep your complimenting furniture quite sleek and minimal, allowing the show-stopping designs to do the talking.

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