Botanical Wallpaper

Browse a bountiful collection of botanical wallpaper like no other. We love creating botanical print wallpaper that gives you an immersive space filled with nature-inspired motifs. Looking for a modern botanical wallpaper to match your tastes and help you relax? Discover our on-trend range of leaf and jungle murals in soothing pastels and neutral colors. Or, a dark botanical wallpaper might be more your style – with rich tones to transform a bland bathroom or bedroom. You’ll easily find a wall design that will get your interior feeling energized and full of life, too, with a green botanical wallpaper. Whether you brighten up the kitchen or bring a beautiful air of sophistication to the living room with a vintage botanical wallpaper, with these designs you can make your vision happen. Take a peek at our selection of leaf wallpaper and fruit wallpaper for more designs inspired by the natural world.

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